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Chicken Soup Uncomplicated

Chicken Noodle with Vegetables Soup

Chicken Soup is probably the most uncomplicated item in cooking.

All you need is six ingredients; a little Redi-Base Chicken Base, water, onions, celery, carrots, some seasoning and whatever is hanging around in the refrigerator.

My chicken soup looks and tastes different every time I make it. I have been known to toss in the leftover beans and rice from “take-out” the night before, the bottom of the bag fine noodles, some fresh spinach in the bin that I never used for dinner, and yes, canned tomatoes and the leftover succotash from three days ago.

Suggested "leftovers" I have used:

Precooked Rice
Precooked Noodles
Precooked Beans & Chickpeas
Precooked Potatoes
Corn & Roasted Peppers
Peas, Green Beans & Lima Beans
Spinach & Escarole
Canned Tomatoes
Cooked Chicken Pieces

Directions: Start with a soup pot and medium heat. Add 2 Tbsp. olive oil to the pot. Sauté the onions first. Lightly browned is best. Add the celery and carrots. Stir it all around for a couple of minutes. Add the prepared Redi-Base Chicken broth. Start with about 2 cups. You can always add more broth. When the onion, celery, carrot mixture is tender, start adding everything else. Heat, serve, enjoy!

Cooking Tips: 

Why are onions first in the pot? Because onions lose their bitter component and develop their full flavor when sautéd. 

How much celery and carrots should I add? There is no true ratio of onions to celery to carrots. The more carrots, the sweeter the soup.

Why am I adding the starches last? In a broth soup, if you cook the starches (rice, noodles, beans & potatoes) in the stock, your soup will be too thick and pasty.

How about seasoning? Less is better. 

Happy Cooking!