Fresh vs Frozen Fish

by Mary Sacks

Raw Pink Salmon Fillet on Ice

I just heard an ad for a local market that boasted “our fish is always fresh, never frozen.” Hmmm, I thought, even Mr. Bourdain never bought fish on a Monday. The Monday theory goes back to shipping practices. If you’re living on a coast you are probably fine, but if you are in the middle of the country even overnight delivery is going to close your freshness window by a day or two.

The world has changed. Fish farms, freezing on site, and increased quality of product from non-domestic areas to satisfy American eating habits have provided us with a large variety and safer choices.

Example. I purchased a bag of flounder fillets that originated in Canada from a chain warehouse. Because Canada wants to sell me fish they stepped up their handling practices back in the 80s that makes our FDA proud.

The bottom line. I got fish that was frozen at its source, all the same, size fillets, for a good price. Twenty years ago, only restaurants could get their hands on such a product.

There are plenty of choices out there. Fresh or frozen seafood can be prepared a multitude of ways to meet all your wants and needs. Remember, the best test for good fish is still your nose.

Mary Sacks
Mary Sacks


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