A Sweet or Savory Sauce?

by Mary Sacks

Mustard Sauce Splash with Spoon

It's easy! All sauces divide into two categories - sweet or savory. If it does not taste sweet, it is savory. And broadly defined, a sauce is anything that is fluid in nature and usually accompanies any dish. This includes salad dressing, condiments, relishes, gravies, chocolate sauces, brown or white sauces, hollandaise, tomato, and even ketchup with which you cover your steak and potatoes.

Sauces have always been the trademark of fine cuisine. A sauce can change an ordinary plate of spaghetti into exquisite dining. A well-made sauce is impressive even when it's easy to make. Sauces are usually thickened in some fashion to "grab" onto the food. This way you get all that flavor with every fork full.

Because matching up sauces with foods is a matter of taste, classic rules are not always followed. However, once you have mastered sauce preparation, you will find yourself varying any sauce to suit your own preference or need.

Mary Sacks
Mary Sacks


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