Same Pasta Salad, Served Hot or Cold

by Mary Sacks

Greek Pasta Salad in White Bowl

It’s really common sense cooking.

Pasta salad has a 3 to 5-day lifespan. Maybe.

That’s what all the experts say. I don’t buy it. 

Quick story: We were to attend two outdoor parties on the same day. Our contribution was a Greek Pasta Salad. I prepped all the ingredients. Divided it in two and mixed the first salad.

Salad #2. I put a paper towel at the bottom of the bowl and added the very well drained, close to dry pasta and topped that with a paper towel.

I then added the cut in ½ cherry tomatoes, onions, olives, sliced peppers, julienne salami, artichoke quarters, etc., except the feta cheese. Topped with another paper towel.  On top of that paper towel, I put the feta cheese and dressing in small containers.

Sealed the entire kit in plastic wrap.

The plan was to come home, walk the dog, finish the salad and go to party #2. Another option was to take the salad and finish mixing it at the party #2. Been there, done that!

Glitch! We never made it to the second party.

Experience says, if I had mixed the second salad, I would have trashed most it because there was no way two of us were going to finish off that salad over the next couple of days. Looking back, what you have is a ready prepped pasta entre.

So, how did we use the salad?

Some of it was actually mixed as a side salad with a sandwich for lunch.  But the bulk became dinner.

Remember, prepped items were separated. This keeps them drier and fresher. The feta cheese was nowhere near the other ingredients. That allowed me to use it as a finish in the dish.

Picking out the tomatoes was easy enough, but not necessary.

Sautéing some protein at the start was an option. A little oil in the bottom of the pan, a little seasoning sprinkled during the cooking process and ¼ cup of Redi-Base Chicken or Redi-Base Vegetable stock worked wonders.

Other option: Mix us a white sauce, add any Redi-Base to your liking. And you have Macaroni salad meets Mac & Cheese. Bake and serve. Serve. No fuss, no muss, no waste.

Mary Sacks
Mary Sacks


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