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In 1993, professional chef and food service instructor, Mary Sacks decided that the concentrated soup base she used in preparing restaurant meals should also be available to home cooks.

Mary always believed that great tasting soups and sauces start with a great-tasting base. But, up until then, bases were only available commercially to restaurants. Following her decision to make bases available to home cooks, Mary contacted, RC Fine Foods, the manufacturer of the best tasting base she had used and arranged to package and sell it under her own label – Redi-Base Soup Base.

Mary Sacks 1995

Enlisting Sally Behler, computer specialist, to handle the IT end - a partnership was born. The mail order business evolved into a web-based business in 1997.

Over the years, Redi-Base Soup Bases have been featured on QVC, The Food Network; in the pages of Taste of Home and Cook’s Illustrated Magazines; Vermont Country Store, Cooking Enthusiasts Catalogues and countless newspaper articles.

In 2015, Redi-Base Soup & Sauce Company took on a new name Redi-Base Cooking to highlight that base isn’t just for soups and sauces.