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While rising through the ranks under the guidance and tutelage of experienced chefs, it became clear that great soup starts with a great base. There are hundreds of soup bases on the market, but time and time again, chefs that I served under requested premium soup base concentrates from RC Fine Foods. They all agreed that there was no substitute for a fine base. It is important that their soups, sauces, stews, and gravies be consistent in taste, which is very difficult to achieve in stocks and broths made from scratch.

Yes, there are less expensive ones on the market, but both professional and home chefs want the best. When their search begins for the product used in their recipes, the first question asked by all is “How does it taste?” So, when Redi-Base Cooking wanted to offer a quality soup base to the home cook, partnering with RC Fine Foods was a natural.

Companies that produce cooking bases make many bases of varying qualities to serve many markets. In today’s market if the price is the only concern then settling for a “flavored chicken” soup base with powdered ingredients may be your solution.

If you are producing soup base for a chain grocery store, you will forgo quality ingredients to make the price point to convince store management there is room for your product on their shelves.

But, in this day and age of home delivery, it makes sense to go to the best in the business. This way, we can offer top shelf, high quality, award-winning soup bases with choices of low sodium, gluten-free, vegetarian, seafood varieties, meats, and poultry to make the best-tasting soups, stews and entrees to please your family and guests.

It’s time to Judge for yourself. Don’t settle, cook with Redi-Base Cooking.

Mary Sacks

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